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Black Vamped Battery 18650 2000 MaH 40 Amps

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  Typical Capacity 2030mAh         @ 0.2C Discharge
Minimum capacity 2000mAh        @ 0.2C Discharge
  Nominal voltage 3.7V
  Standard Charge CC/CV,0.2C5A, 4.20V
  Standard Discharge CC,0.2C5A, 3.00V
  End-of-charge   Voltage 4.20V±0.05V
  End-of-charge Current 0.01 C5A (At CV mode)
  End-of-discharge Voltage 3.00 V
  Charging Time 8.0hours(standard charge)
  Quick Charge Current 2000mA (1.0 C5 rate)1C charge
  Quick Discharge Current 20A (10.0 C5 rate)10C Discharge
  Max Discharge Current 40A (20.0 C5 rate)20C Discharge
  Initial Impedance Max:18mΩ
  Weight Approx:40.0±2g
  Operating temperature Charging: 0℃~45℃Discharging:-20℃~60℃
  Storage temperature -5℃~35℃
  Storage Humidity ≤75% RH
  Appearance Without scratch, distortion, contamination and leakage
  Standard environmental condition Temperature)                 : 25±5℃Humidity            : 45-75%RHAtmospheric Pressure)   : 86-106 KPA
  Temperature Dependence of Discharge [email protected] 0.2C Discharge
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