If you're looking for JUUL pods, check out JC01 JUUL Compatible Pods! Refillable so you can choose your own favorite flavors for the best vape.


OVNS JC01 Replacement Pods - Refillable JUUL Compatible

MSRP $10.99 ONLY $7.99 (4 Pack)

Regulations and Bans Make Refillable JUUL Pods Essential

With up to 70% market share in the vaping and e-cigarette industry, JUUL has become synonymous to vaping. Countless smokers have used JUUL products to switch from smoking to vaping. But because of its popularity, JUUL has been the main target for regulations and bans on vape products.

A JUUL consists of a battery mod and a pre-filled pod. Official JUUL pods are closed systems and are not refillable. Most users of JUUL enjoy the convenience of these pre-filled pods. Simply purchase a pack of pods, and put one in your JUUL battery mod. Then start vaping. Official JUUL pods come in tobacco and menthol, as well as fruit based flavors. Regulations and bans target these fruit flavored pods, so JUUL users will need to find an alternative.

Starting late 2018, JUUL has minimized and discontinued the sales of their flavored pods. This was in response to many anti-vaping regulations including the San Francisco ban on all flavored e-cigarette products. And it gets worse with bills being introduced in many states as well as our federal government. This can be a slippery slope. The worst case scenario is all e-cigarette/vaping products being banned in the USA.

Keep Vaping with your JUUL with Refillable Pods

As official pre-filled JUUL pods become more inaccessible, you will need to find an alternative. OVNS designed their JC01 pods to be compatible with JUUL. These pods are refillable and provide the same (if not better) performance as official non-refillable JUUL pods. JC01 JUUL-compatible pods come in 2 styles - ceramic or cotton wicking. With these pods, you will be able to choose your own flavor, no longer being limited by the JUUL selection. This opens your options to countless brands offering incredible flavor.

Switch to JC01 JUUL-compatible Pods Easily

The advantage of JUUL is how easy it is to use. But using JUUL-compatible refillable pods is easy too! And with these refillable pods, you can choose your favorite flavor. JUUL uses salt nicotine based vape juice, and there are many brands that offer a great alternative. Here is how JUUL products compare to alternative options:

Nicotine Level. Official JUUL pods use percentage, so when you're choosing a salt nic vape juice flavor for your refillable pods, you will need a translation:

3% = 30mg nicotine

5% = 50mg nicotine

What's great about using different brands for your vape juice is that you are not limited to 3% or 5%. Many brands produce lower nicotine levels to help you bring down your nicotine intake. Lowering your nicotine over time can help you go from smoking to vaping to none at all. Although many people vape for fun, more people vape to get away from smoking. Just like countless vapers around the world, lowering your nicotine can help you quit altogether.

If you like ___, you will like ___.

So now you know how the nicotine levels translate. We also want to help you choose your flavor. In this section, we will highlight a JUUL flavor vs. comparable flavors by popular vape brands. These salt nic vape juice flavors will work great with your JC01 JUUL-compatible refillable pods.


Mango by Solace

Amazing Mango - Nkd 100 Salt by Naked 100

Mango Peach Guava - Fruit Monster Salt Nic by Jam Monster


Vortex - Aqua Classic by Marina Vape

Surge - Aqua Classic by Marina Vape

Creamy Tobacco by Solace


Classic Tobacco - I Love Salts by Mad Hatter Juice

Rapid (American Red) - Aqua Tobacco by Marina Vape

American Patriots - Nkd 100 Salt by Naked 100


Classic Menthol - I Love Salts by Mad Hatter Juice

Blast (New Menthol) - Aqua Tobacco by Marina Vape

Arctic Air - Nkd 100 Salt by Naked 100

And there's so much more! Choose from an incredible amount of flavors ranging from fruit, menthol, candy, tobacco, and more!

How do you use JC01 JUUL-Compatible Pods?

This part is so easy! Take the JC01 pod and pull off the black top cap mouthpiece. This will expose the silicone fill cap. Pull the silicone fill cap off to expose the fill port. Then fill it up with your choice of salt nic vape juice. Let is sit for a few minutes to prime. Then install the pod on your JUUL battery mod.

After this, it will work just like a regular JUUL pod. Simply inhale and vape. Each JC01 pod can take about 3-4 full tanks before it wears out. Each pack has 4 pods. Replace your pod to maintain fantastic flavor.