WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Naked 100

Naked 100 Premium Vape Juice by 101 Vape


Since its beginnings in 2016, California based premium vape juice manufacturer Naked 100 has become one of the most sought after brands in the vape industry. This is due to exceptional vape juice blends available in countless flavors. Naked 100 premium e-liquid tends to be the best for subohm tank coil longevity, making their vape juice a mainstay in any serious vaper's collection.

Naked 100 started with a few fruit flavors and has since expanded to more lines including cream, menthol, tobacco, candy, and more. With the new Nkd 100 Salt line, Naked 100 brings their popular flavors to salt nic compatible vape devices.

ORIGINAL NAKED 100: Flavors like Amazing Mango, Green Blast, Lava Flow, All Melon, and Hawaiian POG are what got Naked 100 to be so popular. Incredibly flavorful fruit tastes, but light enough to not gunk up your coils as much as the competition. Their fruit flavors are so good, they continue to develop more blends for your taste buds. Check out Maui Sun for a tropical vape.

NAKED 100 MENTHOL: If you're looking for a frosty cool vape, check out the menthol flavors by Naked 100. Fruit blends mixed with cool menthol will give your vape an icy feel. The flavors are not only satisfying, but also produces big clouds.

NAKED 100 TOBACCO: Rich, bold tobacco flavors brought to your vape by the biggest vape juice manufacturer. Available in 3 different styles, Naked 100 Tobacco flavors are sure to satisfy your nic fix.

NAKED 100 CANDY: Adults can enjoy their favorite candy from back in the days with Naked 100's nostalgic Candy line.

NAKED 100 CREAM: Fruits and cream. Get ready for amazing and rich flavor from Naked 100's new line featuring the best fruity blends with a touch of cream.

And more! Naked 100 continues to bring us new flavors like Hawaiian POG Ice and Berry Lush, so except more coming soon!

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