WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lemo RBA by Eleaf

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The Lemo atomizer features a rebuildable heating coil and lets you adjust air inflow.It is made of durable steel with a glass tube window. You can vape a lot longer with the Lemo atomizer because it has a large holding capacity of 5ml.

Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Includes:

1× Lemo Mouthpiece
1× Lemo Top Cap
1× Glass Tube
1× Lemo Atomizer Cover
1× Lemo Atomizer Tube
1× Lemo Atomizer Base
1× Connecting Base
1× Heating Coil
1× Absorbent Cotton
Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Details


1. Rebuildable Design: Lemo atomizer features are buildable heating coil that you can wrap according your preference. This makes the Lemo atomizer very practical. Below is a sample that may be used as a reference.
Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Rebuildable Design
Note: Before filling e liquid place a few drops on the absorbent cotton.

Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Capacity
2. New Look: The Lemo atomizer is made of steel making it both beautiful and durable. Its glass e liquid window tube lets you see when its time to refill.

3. Large E Liquid Capacity: It can hold up to 5ml of e liquid

4. Adjustable Air Inflow: Move regulation ring clockwise for less air inflow and counterclockwise for more air inflow.
Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Adjustable Airflow

5. Adjustable Battery Connector: The 510 thread connectioncan be adjusted according to your preference. It may be completely removed to become an M23 connector. The battery connector is also designed to catch excess e liquid.

6. Changeable Mouthpiece: Lemo atomizer mouthpiece is changeable, and replacing it is very easy
Lemo Rebuildable Atomizer Changeable Mouthpiece

How to add e liquid:

1. Unscrew connecting base from atomizer base.
2. Unscrew crosshead screw at bottom of atomizer base.
3. Slowly squeeze e liquid into the small opening.

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