WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

NEW i4 Intellicharger by Nitecore

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NEW i4 Intellicharger by Nitecore

The Nitecore NEW i4 is the updated version of the top-selling Intellicharger i4, a 4 bay high drain battery charger for your vape batteries. With its new features and competitive price point, this is one of the best chargers for 18650, 26650, and 18350 high drain batteries.

Updated features include "twice the charging speed of the [previous] i4", Active Current Distribution (ACD) technology, and IMR battery recovery. ACD technology allows for dynamic distribution of the NEW i4's charging power. The NEW i4 is capable of identifying a fully charged battery and divert all of its outputting power to the next charging slot. The built-in microprocessor automatically identifies battery types and selects appropriate charging voltage and current. The NEW i4 incorporates an optimized IMR charging system that is able to monitor the entire charging process, ensuring end voltage is always within safe limits, ultimately extending battery life. It is made to last, manufactured with fire retardant and flame resistant PC materials.


  • Li-ion/IMR/LiFePO4: 10340, 10350, 10440, 10500, 12340, 12500, 12650, 13450, 13500, 13650, 14350, 14430, 14500, 14650, 16500, 16340(RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500, 17650, 17670, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22500, 22650, 25500, 26500, 26650
  • Ni-MH(NiCd): AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D


  • AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.25A(max) 10W
  • DC 9~12V 1A


  • 4.35V±1%/4.2V±1%/ 3.7V±1%/1.48V±1%
  • 1.5A ×1 / 0.75A×2 / 0.5A×2 / 0.375A ×4

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