Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone by EHPro

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Product Description

The Kayfun Lite Plus V2 Clone is one of the best and most up to date Kayfun clones to date, with the new styled drip tip like what the V2 from SvoëMesto, the air-flow adjustment on the bottom,  the added o-ring to the juice fill screw, and the fill valve has also been recessed further into the bottom cap to hopefully help prevent juice from being wasted from spillage. 

The Kayfun Lite Plus V2 is a rebuildable atomizer that is one of the easiest and most simple devices to rebuild, with practice and the right tools a person can learn to build coils within a small amount of time. Any time you are rebuilding you need to follow safe rebuilding, by making sure you are building the coils that will work with your batteries, using a meter or atomizer ohm meter to check your coils, and making sure your devices are in good operating condition.



1. Stainless steel construction throughout
2. Standard 510 atomizer connection
3. Can be configured with clear center window, complete clear tank or complete stainless steel
4. Juice capacity 4.5ml (Can be extended with separate parts)
5. Standard 510 drip tip connection

Included with the Kayfun atomizer:

1 x Kayfun Lite Re-buildable Atomizer w/ Drip Tip
1 x Small Translucent Polypropylene Window
1x Large Translucent Polypropylene Window
1 x Flat/Philips Head Screwdriver Keychain
Replacement O-Rings
Replacement Positive and Ground Screws
Approx. 5-inches of 2.5mm Braided Silica, Hollow
Approx. 6-inches of 32-gauge Kanthal Wire