WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.



We have learned that a very small number of LG HE2 red batteries shipped out by us may be fake and unsafe to use for vaping. The affected batteries would have been ordered between July 14th and July 25th of 2017.

The affected batteries contain two identifying marks that are shown in the pictures below. First on the bottom negative terminal there will be a laser etched Greek Phi letter Φ. The second feature will be on the positive terminal. The affected batteries will have 3 legs attaching the positive terminal rather than the 4 they should have. This is further displayed in the pictures below.

If you have think you may have received the HE2 batteries containing either of the marks discontinue use of the batteries immediately and contact us to arrange a pre-paid label and refund. Please call 1-855-505-8273 between 9am-4pm pacific time, send an email to [email protected] or message us through our contact page https://101vape.com/contact-us

We at 101vape.com take your safety very seriously and would never knowingly sell counterfeit goods of any type. We test every single batch of batteries for authenticity and this batch was no exception. This was missed in our tests since this is suspected to only be about 20-30 batteries of a 3000 batch. We have tracked down the cause and this batch of batteries was shipped to a major fulfillment website and then returned due to slow sales. We suspect it was at this time that our batch became contaminated by someone else's batteries. There is a very small number of these batteries that were shipped but it is imperative that if you received these batteries you stop using them immediately and contact us.

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