WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin - Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit - 930mAh 3.5mL

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Suorin - Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit - 930mAh 3.5mL
Suorin - Air Plus Pod System Starter Kit - 930mAh 3.5mL

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    Suorin Air Plus Kit - 930mAh 3.5mL

    The original Suorin Air was the leader in the pod kit vaping revolution. Now more popular than ever, pod vape kits are the best way to vape, especially for beginners. The new Suorin Air Plus takes that technology to the next level. Featuring more than double the battery life of the original and much more capacity for juice, pick up the new Suorin Air Plus Kit.

    How does it compare to the original Suorin Air?

    With the new Suorin Air Plus you will get more than double the battery life of the original Suorin Air. We're talking 930mAh with the Plus vs. 400mAh with the original. The Suorin Air Plus also features new USB type-C vs. the original's micro USB port. This allows for quicker charging. Most importantly, you can carry more juice with the Plus. The Suorin Air Plus features pods that can hold up to 3.5mL of your favorite vape juice. The original Suorin Air only held up to 2mL. This means more vaping for you!

    Redesigned Pods with both Regular and Salt Nic Vape Juice Options

    On top of the battery and pod capacity improvements, you get 2x options for pods with the Suorin Air Plus. These pods come in either 0.7 Ω or 1.0 Ω option. 0.7 Ω is for vaping regular vape juice, while the 1.0 Ω option is for salt nic vape juice. You get one of each included with the kit to help you choose which pod is for you. And they're still inhale activated! This means you simply inhale and it will activate the vapor.

    If I'm new to vaping, should I go with the Suorin Air Plus?

    The Suorin Air Plus is a great vape for beginners looking to make the switch to vaping. This is because it is very easy to use while still having the latest technology. Setting it up is as simple as it gets. Just fill up the pod and let it sit for a few minutes. We call this "priming". Then install the pod inside the battery mod. Inhale to activate the vapor. When your vape tastes burnt, replace your pod. Not much to it. No settings. No buttons. Just vape.


    ✔ Suorin Air Plus Replacement Pod (Each)

    *Not compatible with Suorin Air (original) Pods


    Dimensions: 93.2mm x 49.9mm x 9.9mm

    Weight: 51g

    Internal (Built-in) Battery Capacity: 930mAh

    USB Type-C Quick Charging (~50 min.)

    LED Battery Life Indicator

    Inhale Activation

    New Pods Technology Specifically for Suorin Air Plus

    0.7 Ω : Great for vaping regular vape juice

    1.0 Ω : Best for vaping salt nic vape juice

    Pod Capacity: 3.5mL

    Fill Method: Bottom of Pod


    Suorin Air Plus Battery Mod (1x)

    0.7 Ω Pod Cartridge (1x)

    1.0 Ω Pod Cartridge (1x)

    USB Cable (1x)

    User Manual (1x)

    Warranty Card (1x)

    Caution Card (1x)

    Quality Certification (1x)


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    30 Day In-House Manufacturer Warranty. Kit will be covered by warranty for manufacturer defects. Coils and pods are not covered by any warranty. For further warranty services, please contact the manufacturer.

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