WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin - Edge Device Kit (with 1x Pod) - 230mAh

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Suorin Edge Kit
Suorin - Edge Device Kit (with 1x Pod) - 230mAh

In stock


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    Suorin Edge Kit

    Suorin devices like the Suorin Air and Suorin Drop helped usher in a new era of vaping. These devices were made for the perfect vape experience with salt nic vape juice. Great for vaping on the go. With the new Suorin Edge, you will get Suorin's best technology including the new removable battery. This allows you to carry multiple batteries with you on the go, so you can keep vaping. The kit will come with 2x batteries. You can charge one battery separately, while using the other battery for vaping. Perfect for traveling!

    Sleek New Aluminum Alloy Design

    Suorin went back to the drawing board with this one. The design for the Suorin Edge features new sleek edges made of aluminum alloy material. This makes it strong, but light weight. The Edge also features a discreet physical ON/OFF button. While ON, your inhale will activate your vape.

    Unique Features: Removable Battery and USB Type-C Charging

    "Pod kits" are becoming the main way people like to vape. This is due to its stealth, portable designs with the best specs for vaping salt nic vape juice. But the main issue with this kind of vape is battery life. The Suorin Edge solves that by offering removable battery technology.

    Each proprietary Edge battery holds up to 230mAh capacity. The kit will come with 2x batteries. This technology allows you to charge one of your batteries, while you use the other one for vaping. Perfect for travelling, you can carry multiple charged batteries with you on-the-go to simply switch batteries for more vape time.

    But there's more! Not only can you have extra batteries ready to go, but these batteries use USB Type-C. This new USB technology is barely being introduced to vape devices, but it works incredibly well. With USB Type-C your battery can charge up in about 30 minutes. The design of USB Type-C is also bettery for longevity. It won't wear out as easily as the typical Micro USB port/cables used by most vapes.


    Dimensions: 100mm x 23mm x 10mm (with pod installed)

    Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC

    UNIQUE FEATURE: Removable Battery (includes 2x)

    Battery Capacity: 230mAh (each)

    USB Type-C Quick Charging (~30 min.)

    LED Battery Life Indicator

    "Safety Lock" Physical Button for ON/OFF

    Inhale Activation


    Suorin Edge Case (1x)

    Edge Battery (2x)

    USB Cable (1x)

    User Manual (1x)

    Warranty Card (1x)

    Caution Card (1x)

    Quality Certification (1x)


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    30 Day In-House Manufacturer Warranty. Kit will be covered by warranty for manufacturer defects. Coils and pods are not covered by any warranty. For further warranty services, please contact the manufacturer.

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