WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VGOD - Stig - Disposable Prefilled E-Cig Starter Kit (3 Pack)

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VGOD Stig - Ultra Portable Disposable Vape Starter Kit (3 Pack)

Vaping literally can not be easier than this. Introducing the VGOD Stig.

The Stig is a prefilled disposable vape kit. It's also pre-charged, so it's ready to go out of the box. Simply take your Stig out of its packaging, and inhale - your inhale activates the vapor. When you run out of battery or juice, throw it away. That's it. And you get 3 to a pack! No maintenance, no buttons, no settings. Just vape.

Switch the Habit with this Effortless Vape Kit

The perfect way to get into vaping, the VGOD Stig is the easiest vape kit you can get your hands on. It's a full complete setup that's disposable when done. You get 3 to a pack, and each Stig holds about 1.2mL of salt nic vape juice. Each Stig is 6.0% nicotine, comparable to 20 cigarettes. So buying a 3 pack of Stigs gets you the equivalent of 60 cigarettes. Taking into account that routine is a big part of addiction, VGOD has designed the Stig to make your switch to vaping as easy as possible. Even the way you open your box and pull out your Stig feels like you're pulling out a cigarette. You can hold it like a cigarette, and puff it just the same - the performance of this device is made to emulate the tight draw of a cigarette.

Vape Instantly with the Flavor of YOUR Choice

A huge reason countless smokers have switched to vaping is for flavor. And with the VGOD Stig, you have 5 different flavor options. You can stick to tobacco flavor with VGOD Cubano or go fruity with VGOD Tropical Mango. It's your choice.

No Maintenance Required - Great for Beginners

Vaping devices have become so easy to use nowadays with the advent of pod system technology. But the VGOD Stig goes a step further! You don't even have to charge the Stig. It comes with full battery life out of the box. It's pre-filled as well, so you don't have to get messy at all. No buttons to deal with. No settings to learn. None of that temperature coefficient of resistance pro vapers know about. Simply pull out your Stig and start vaping. Throw it away when you're done.


Tropical Mango: A dense yet drippingly silky and sweet juicy mango

Mighty Mint: Revitalizing cool sensations of spearmint menthol imparts invigorating satisfaction

Cubano: Full flavor Cuban cigar topped off with a drizzle of soft creamy vanilla custard undertones

Lush Ice: Fresh watermelon with splashes of mixed melon undertones, along with an exhiliarating menthol finish

Iced Mango Bomb: Sweet, juicy and tangy citrusy mango with a cool menthol finish


Dimensions: 73mm x 19mm x 11mm

Tank (Pod) Capacity: 1.2mL per Stig

Nicotine Level: 6.0% per Stig (~60mg)

Salt Nic Vape Juice

Disposable All-in-One Design

Inhale Activated

Fully Charged Out of the Box


VGOD Stig (3x)


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Disposable - FINAL SALE ONLY

Due to this being a disposable device, we do not offer any in-house warranty. If you have any issues with your device, please contact the manufacturer directly. If you have any questions about this device, you may contact us here before purchasing.

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